“We fully restore water damaged carpet”

From an overflowed washing machine to major storm damage, we are your wet carpet experts.
Our 5 step process is designed to have your carpet back to its original condition as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption to you.

Step 1. We moisture test your carpet, underlay and flooring to ensure we dry all
affected areas.

Step 2. We extract the excess water from your carpet. Clean and treat the area to avoid any staining and deodorise.

Step 3. We install Air Movers to dry your carpet, underlay and flooring. These are generally left on site for 3 days and are the only way to fully dry your carpet.

Step 4. We return after 3 days, moisture test the area again to ensure everything is dry and collect the Air Movers.

Step 5. We re-stretch and relay your carpet. In most cases you would never know your carpet had been wet.

There are some variances to this process. In some larger jobs a Dehumidifier is needed to take the moisture out of the air. Sometimes the underlay needs replacing. We may have to treat any stains on the carpet, or mold that may be present. Whatever the situation, we can supply the equipment and expertise you need.

We also provide free, no obligation quotes. We will call out to your property, assess the damage and provide you with an upfront quote so you know exactly what your costs are before we begin. If you’re not happy with our costs, there is no obligation to continue and no charges will be incurred.


Will my carpet still smell once dried?

No. The reason we moisture test the area is to ensure everything is dry. Once dry there is no longer any smell.

Will my carpet shrink at all?

Some woollen carpets are prone to shrinkage, however because we dry your carpet while still attached to the smooth edge, there is little opportunity for this to happen.

Is there anything that can be done to remove water stains from my carpet?

Yes. We have brown out chemicals specifically designed to remove these stains.

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